Yongmudo Introdution

History of Yongmudo

Since Yong-In University(formerly Korean Judo College), was founded in 1953, it has been a mecca of martial arts and sports education. The foundation philosophy of Yong-In University is to train people in the way and to teach them to serve society. According to this philosophy, it is necessary to train the mind, body and soul through martial arts education in order to help people become soundly educated and be able to contribute to serve the society. Based on 60 years of Korean style martial art education, Yongmudo is a combination of martial art and a sport, being re-organized based on Korean Martial arts education. The ultimate goals of Yongmudo are to specialize and to raise the status of Korean martial art as it is promoted to the world.

Significance of Yongmudo

Yongmudo features in the characteristics of Judo, Taekwondo, Hapkido, Kendo, Ssireum and wrestling. The sport has been designed to become Korea’s modernized traditional martial arts which is expected to be highly competitive in the martial arts field of the world. Yongmudo has been emphasizing its us usefulness in educating people and its property of beauty as a sport which would be a contribution to the globalization of Korean martial arts education.

Educational value of Yongmudo

The educational value of Yongmudo is a whole-person education including physical development, fostering social character, intellectual and emotional development, recreation guidance and safety direction.